Letters to the Editor

Council needs a team

Why does Chuck Ward take no responsibility for the decisions regarding the Del Rio/Wal-Mart projects? Ward was the chairman of the Atascadero Planning Commission that sent the recommendation for approval of the projects to the City Council, but his campaign acts as if he had no part in that process. While taking no responsibility for that, he happily takes credit for many patriotic projects throughout the city. It seems he likes the credit when things go well, but he isn’t taking responsibility and defending his decision on Del Rio/ Wal-Mart.

Even The Tribune suggested Ward assume a more modest approach. Ward’s campaign reflects a self-aggrandizing political candidate instead of a potential community leader. The City Council has to act as a team. Members have to step up and take responsibilities that come with that job. This is why I urge you to vote for Heather Moreno, Brian Sturtevant and Tom O’Malley.