Letters to the Editor

Keep city’s leaders

The incumbent candidates for Atascadero City Council need to continue in their efforts. Progress doesn’t follow a straight line. There are bumps and curves and yes, chuckholes!

These candidates have worked diligently to move forward the Wal-Mart process, as well as to bring other business to Atascadero. They’ve made a few mistakes, one glaring. Having a group of obstructionists harping at all times against progress doesn’t much help. It is altogether possible they got some bad advice from people then on the city payroll.

City Council members are poorly paid, part-time elected officials who in most cases have done yeoman’s work, with a budget that has suffered through collapsing economic conditions, declined housing starts and Sacramento money grabs.

I think they are more than capable of moving forward, probably including a renegotiation of the Wal-Mart share of the roundabout expenses. We don’t need new council members. The sitting members will do nicely, thank you.