Letters to the Editor

Where are solutions?

I do not want to see Jim Reed elected to the Paso Robles City Council.

In the past two years, Jim has never addressed City Council with solutions to what he perceives as problems within our city.

Our budget has been presented numerous times, not once has Jim commented on where money should be spent. He wants Centennial Pool opened but apparently isn’t aware that we haven’t met goals for police and emergency staffing.

Paso’s economic strategy includes living within our means. Our current council has done a good job of managing our budget and setting priorities and as money became available, increasing the police and fire budget.

Consideration of pool opening will occur when there’s money in the budget. If Jim attended City Council meetings he would be aware of why our city doesn’t look its best, why streets and roads are worn out and trash in parks isn’t emptied on time. He would know that improvements are being made and solutions found as money becomes available.

A person who seems to find fault with the way things are in Paso Robles needs to be asked: When was the last time you sent a thank-you to council members for something they did right?