Letters to the Editor

Lois Capps is a liability

With the elections upon us and the national debt closing in on $18 trillion, this is a good time to look at the spending record of our very own member of Congress, Lois Capps. The organization Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) rates members of Congress on their wasteful spending habits. The scale is zero to 100 percent, with zero being abject, wasteful, uncontrollable spending of the taxpayer’s money.

Lois Capps’ score in 2009 was zero, along with Nancy Pelosi, Wasserman Shultz and Maxine Waters. They never once voted against any wasteful spending bill. Capps’ score in 2010 was 2 percent. Her 2011 score was 9 percent. That’s even worse than Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters. Capps’ score in 2012 was 8 percent. Her 2013 score was a pitiful 10 percent. CAGW gives Lois Capps a lifetime rating of 9 percent. That means she voted for wasteful spending 91 percent of the time.

We can’t afford Lois Capps. Please don’t send her back to Washington.