Letters to the Editor

Atascadero sales tax

On Nov. 4, Atascadero voters will be asked to approve Measure F, which will increase our sales tax from 7.5 to 8 percent, raising revenue to help repair our badly deteriorated roads. While I recognize the need for a sales tax increase, I’m hesitant to vote for it, because it will be paired with Measure E, which advises, but doesn’t obligate, the city to use the funds for road repair.

Put simply, I don’t entirely trust the current Atascadero City Council incumbents to get the job done, especially given that they now will be looking for revenue to cover their estimated $7 million shortfall needed to complete roundabouts at Del Rio Road.

City Council candidate Len Colamarino has pledged not to use a penny of the new sales tax to pay for the increased costs of the Del Rio intersection improvements. I support Colamarino for City Council because he’ll make sound financial decisions — and refuse to commit precious city funds to subsidize big developers.