Letters to the Editor

Vote to be better off

I served on the city’s Fiscal Sustainability Task Force because I have been concerned about our long-term financial health. Thus, when Measure G was first discussed by our City Council, I was skeptical about whether the city had earned citizens’ confidence for renewal of Measure Y. But after researching the issue and analyzing how the city actually used Measure Y money, I believe it is in our best interests to vote yes on Measure G and renew this revenue source.

We definitely would be better off with nearly $7 million a year than without it. I do have serious concerns about our city’s long-term pension obligations and the proper balance between spending on capital improvement projects versus personnel costs — difficult issues that our City Council needs to tackle head on sooner rather than later. However, voting no on Measure G is a vote to starve the city of critically needed money — money that will be used on projects to benefit all residents. Besides, nearly 75 percent of this tax is contributed by visitors, a 3:1 return on our money.

I am voting yes on Measure G because we will be much better off with it than without it.