Letters to the Editor

Nice guy is no leader

Lately I have seen several letters to the editor in our local papers that say we should vote for Tom O’Malley for Atascadero mayor because he is a great guy and nice guy. He is a great guy — always has a smile and very friendly and nice to everyone. He is also one of the city leaders that voted for the Wal-Mart deal that is going to end up costing our city $8 million that we don’t have.

Now this same guy is saying “Not to worry, we will find the money somewhere.” I would not be surprised if all Atascadero’s road repair money, including all the measure F-14 money, for the next several years is going to go to fix the Del Rio interchange fiasco. So, rather than having a nice guy making decisions for the city, we need someone who is more skeptical and is willing to look deeper into any proposal submitted by developers. Don’t vote for Tom O’Malley.