Letters to the Editor

Don’t let fear win

Dog-whistle politics is a term describing tactics political consultants use when their candidate won’t articulate positions on issues relevant to their constituency.

We’re seeing a good example in the 4th District supervisory race. That’s where Lynn Compton’s handlers have decided that voters will obediently respond to their baseless claims that Proposition 13 is being attacked by the Board of Supervisors.

In this case, attacking Proposition 13 is code for weakening the part of the law that is keeping property taxes in check. How do I know this? Because the same thing happened 14 years ago, when Californians voted on a measure to help modernize schools by lowering from 66 percent to 55 percent the majority needed to approve school bonds.

Here’s what Jon Coupal, the featured speaker at a Compton fundraiser, wrote in the official ballot argument against Proposition 39 in 2000: “Could property taxes return to twice, even three times today’s levels?”

Well, Proposition 39 passed, and desperately needed school bonds were passed (including in 2004 to upgrade Arroyo Grande High School). Fourteen years later, property taxes haven’t doubled or tripled.

Fear is a weapon wielded by those without facts.

Don’t let fear win. Vote for Caren Ray.