Letters to the Editor

Not been bought

This month’s local campaign filings are both intriguing and alarming. Gary Grossman and Andy Mangano, two of the biggest local developers, with significant projects in San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande, are contributors to candidates like Supervisor Caren Ray, San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx, San Luis Obispo City Council candidates Dan Rivoire and Carlyn Christianson, as well as the campaign for Measure G, the San Luis Obispo sales tax increase.

What’s their motivation? Clearly, they’re making an investment in the future success of their projects. Do I begrudge them that? Absolutely not. They’re simply making a business decision.

But what does it say about the candidates who’ve accepted these contributions? Is our local government for sale? For these would-be officeholders, who could preside over the biggest development decisions we have witnessed in the past 20 years, to take these contributions tells me the answer is a resounding “yes!”

Hopefully, voters will see through this transparent ploy to buy our local elections and view these candidates for what they just might be: wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Let’s elect a supervisor who has not been bought and paid for — Lynn Compton.