Letters to the Editor

Teaching an audience

I’m delighted, and I’m frustrated. I’m delighted because Lynn Compton showed at the recent candidates forum that she is the qualified choice to represent us on the Board of Supervisors. I’m frustrated because Caren Ray, the incumbent appointed county supervisor, seemed to simply make clear how highly she thinks of herself. In a flash of know-it-all arrogance, she deigned to stoop so low as to “teach” the audience a lesson in “Econ 101,” in which she described “what we call free-riders.” Well, Ray needs to understand that the people of San Luis Obispo County know how the economy works, too, and we are pretty tired of career politicians freeriding off the taxpayer dime, devoid of any ounce of practicality and based wholly on selfish idealism.

What Lynn Compton showed was the poise of someone who understands how the economy works in the real world, not just in the classroom or boardroom. She didn’t flash quite so many smiles or exchange quite so many jokes with the moderator, but she spoke with the authority of someone who is eminently qualified to take on the challenges of our county. Compton embodies the best in us, and she will lead this county well.