Letters to the Editor

Compton denies facts

An Oct. 10 Tribune article on the recent forum with Caren Ray and Lynn Compton reported that in the discussion about Paso Robles groundwater, “Compton disagreed, saying there is only anecdotal evidence of wells going dry in the basin.” That statement is astounding, untrue and very telling.

The Tribune has reported numerous times that hundreds of wells have gone dry in Paso Robles. Perhaps some of the folks who live on El Pomar/Almond Drive or in the Geneseo/Union Road area would be interested to know that their lack of water is merely “anecdotal.”

Consider that the Board of Supervisors has a tough enough job trying to work out the best solutions for the residents and the resources of our county given the evidence and facts for particular situations that are presented to the board. This job will be exponentially more difficult if one of the board members chooses to deny the underlying facts and evidence.

Lynn Compton’s statement indicating that she denies factual evidence should be the final straw to ensure that you vote for the candidate who deals with the evidence at hand: Caren Ray.