Letters to the Editor

Keep quality of SLO

We might debate about whether or not San Luis Obispo is “The Happiest City in America,” as crowned on Oprah’s show. But surely we can agree that SLO is a pretty happy, lucky, even a great place, and we are blessed to live here.

Our quality of life isn’t only due to good fortune. As a community, we have worked hard to achieve it, and we have made thoughtful, forward-looking decisions. We have had high expectations for city services and performance — and we have been willing to support our expectations, too. City budgets have balanced core needs, such as public safety and quality roads, with the amenities that make us special, such as open space, bicycling trails and parks. We have been wise.

Let’s also be wise when we vote on Measure G and let our very average sales tax, 8 percent, remain unchanged — especially when 75 percent is paid by nonresidents. Our other choice is to drop it to rock bottom in California, give visitors a unique “break” (that they won’t notice) and lose almost $7 million annually for our community. Not wise — and sure to leave us unhappy when the inevitable service cuts happen.

Be wise and happy. Vote “yes” on Measure G.