Letters to the Editor

Beset by fear

With Halloween coming upon us, it is a scary time of the year, and I am particularly scared of Democrats. Democrats like President Barack Obama, who refuses to recognize terrorism for what it is. Mr. President, terrorism is terrorism, not “workplace violence.”

Our Democratic representative in Congress, Lois Capps, scares me with her support for comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty) and her “no” vote to end partial-birth abortion (HR 3660), plus her “no” vote on barring transporting minors across state lines to get an abortion (HR 1218).

In my opinion, I am frightened as to what will become of San Luis Obispo County if another Democrat, Caren Ray, who was appointed by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown, should be elected to a mostly conservative South County.

Would she band together with Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson and impose more regulations upon us and raise more of our taxes? For this reason I feel much more comfortable and safe having Lynn Compton represent me.