Letters to the Editor

Marx earns her vote

I feel very fortunate to have such a good choice in this election for mayor of San Luis Obispo: Jan Marx. She has done a marvelous job serving her constituents.

I have had the honor to have worked with Jan over the past 25 years. I have always been impressed with her intellect and her desire to do what is best for the citizens of San Luis Obispo. Jan represents only one special interest, and that is the interest of the residents of San Luis Obispo.

Jan always works hard to find the best solutions to the complicated problems faced by San Luis Obispo. She always studies, listens and evaluates her options for keeping SLO a grand community.

Under her guidance and leadership, SLO has done a wonderful job in ensuring we have enough water to make it through this horrible drought. She has the insight and skills required to make the tough decisions that ensure our quality of life will continue to be excellent. Jan Marx has earned my vote.