Letters to the Editor

Cuesta serves county

My husband, Don, and I want to thank Cuesta College for providing quality education to three of our children. One went on to receive a master’s degree in public health, and the other two are employed full-time here in San Luis Obispo County.

We are also grateful to Cuesta for training critical care providers, including EMTs and nurses, for our communities. We are so pleased that all graduating seniors in our county will be guaranteed access to college education through the Cuesta Promise of free tuition for one year.

We hope our community will join us in supporting bond Measure L. With state funding cutbacks and constraints, the bond is the only mechanism for financing crucial renovation and upgrades. It is particularly important that students be prepared for employment with 21st century technology. As a Foundation Board member, I sit on the grants committee and am acutely aware of the needs for significant investment in infrastructure throughout the campus. Please help Cuesta to continue serving our county by voting “yes” on Measure L.