Letters to the Editor

Eliminate primary

A few years back, Morro Bay voted to have two elections for mayor and each council seat. The first would be in June, during the primaries, and the second in November, a runoff. The impetus behind this, according to the proponents, was to avoid seating people with fewer than 50 percent of the vote and thus to encourage more people to run.

In fact, it may have discouraged people from running. The prospect of two elections, raising money and campaigning for many months out of the year is daunting.

Morro Bay is too small for this. It may be appropriate for Los Angeles, where council salaries are over $150,000 a year. In Morro Bay, council members are paid less than $15,000 and thus work other jobs. Campaigning for half the year is too taxing — for citizens as well as candidates.

Please, Morro Bayans, vote “yes” on Measure J. Eliminate the primary.