Letters to the Editor

Result of stupidity

While the cast members at Fox News are busily trying to blame President Barack Obama for the Ebola crisis, some inconvenient truths are beginning to emerge.

The federal government official who is supposed to be the point person in the fight against Ebola is the Surgeon General, except we don’t have one.

Dr. Vivek Murthy was nominated about a year ago, but Republicans in Congress refused to confirm him because he had remarked that “guns are a health care issue,” and the NRA objected.

Dr. Murthy has an undergraduate degree in biochemical sciences from Harvard, a medical degree from Yale Medical School and an MBA in health management from the Yale School of Management. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is also playing a key role, to the extent they can after they received debilitating budget cuts due to sequestration. You remember budget sequestration, the indiscriminate budget cuts the Republican majority in Congress enabled in 2013? Stupidity has consequences.