Letters to the Editor

Vaccinations’ value

There is an outbreak of pertussis (whooping cough) on the Central Coast. There is no question that some parents believe they should not vaccinate their children, and there is no question that the vaccination — like any medical procedure — has risks. However, the rest of society should not have to bear the burden of the negligence of these parents.

If you refuse to permit your child to have a vaccination, then your children should not be permitted to be in public! Many people are unable to be vaccinated due to allergies. Your unwillingness to vaccinate your child puts the general public at risk. This is similar to the risk the public runs from drunken drivers and others who believe they can do whatever they want.

You have the right to refuse vaccinations for your children, but there should be consequences for that decision. Hopefully, the consequences of your decision will not be the death of your child from whooping cough.