Letters to the Editor

Support for King

I recently ran for the SLO County clerk-recorder and came to know the candidates that are now seeking that office in the Nov. 4 election. I spent many hours with these candidates, as well as quite a bit of time in the Clerk-Recorder’s Office. I have worked for the clerk-recorder in the election process since 2002, and served in all positions at the polls. Based on my observations, I wholeheartedly support Amanda King for SLO County clerk-recorder.

Ms. King has spent over eight years as a deputy clerk-recorder, and has learned all aspects of the office. She has improved the visibility of the office with social media, web pages and improved training with PowerPoint and videos. She also became an expert on deed recording and county land maps. As the clerk of the Assessment Appeals Board, she is required to make sure that the records of those meetings are meticulous and accurate.

If you want the Clerk-Recorder’s Office to continue in the excellent and professional manner in which Julie Rodewald has guided it for over 20 years, vote for Amanda King on Nov. 4. Ms. Amanda King has the experience, knowledge and professionalism to continue a legacy of excellence.