Letters to the Editor

Politics vs. business

The recent debate between Caren Ray and Lynn Compton put on display the two sides that are at odds in this race for San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors — the politician versus the businesswoman.

Caren Ray dodged and weaved with the skill of a career politician, trying to just win another seat as part of her lifelong political journey. When asked about her experience, she proceeded to name a laundry list of boards, committees and government positions she has served time in — a list glaringly lacking in private sector work. In addition, on too many occasions she got caught up in a familiar banter with the Sacramento politician (no offense to Assembly member Katcho Achadjian) moderating the debate.

On the other hand, Lynn Compton spoke as a businesswoman listing her education, community involvement and time as a business owner on her rundown of experience. She spoke to the issues that were important to the creation of jobs throughout the county, such as decreasing regulation and protecting tax rates. She didn’t need to entertain the audience or cajole the moderator to be taken seriously. Instead she spoke to the facts: like a good businesswoman. Lynn Compton will make a great county supervisor.