Letters to the Editor

Not Marshallville

Apparently, the worry and drama these last few years, created when SLO Brew applied to move to a grander location, was in vain. Hamish Marshall decided on a “new” plan for the future of SLO Brew. Suddenly he’s come to the conclusion the music venue, as designed, is “cost prohibitive.” Really? Given how many times these designs have gone before the planning committee for revisions, I wonder when, exactly, he had that epiphany.

Mr. Marshall is quoted saying, “We are just going to spend more time and energy at this point on expanding the beer brand.” The redesigned floor plan, bar, restaurant and music, all on the ground floor, with a beer garden patio in the back, block that out — it’s how the second level with its 3,000 square feet will be used that I find interesting. What should have been the best place for live music for 200 miles, north or south, will now be used for commercial and residential space. That should fit in well with the other proposed downtown renovations and hotel projects in store for SLO.

It is still SLO — it didn’t turn into Marshallville over night and I just missed the memo, right?