Letters to the Editor

Sales tax questions

The one thing you never hear on sales tax is that they are the most regressive of all taxes.

If a community would like to collect more tax money, then they should balance it between progressive and regressive taxes. Another opinion is that tax collectors need to collect all forms of taxes before adding more taxation. An example would be collecting income tax from all the vacation rentals and also from all the illegal rentals that are in the county.

I also call into question the estimate that over 70 percent of sales taxes will be paid by those from outside the area: Where are those studies available? I have a study that shows if you pay 8 percent sales tax for 40 years on taxable goods per year of $15,000, it equals $1,200 a year in sales taxation. You will have paid the state and local government $48,000 in sales tax in 40 years.

Makes Oregon look good to young people if you ask me.