Letters to the Editor

Obvious growth

I am proud to endorse incumbents Mayor Tom O’Malley and City Council members Heather Moreno and Brian Sturtevant. In my seven years of residing and operating a small business in Atascadero, I have seen many changes, most all of them positive. Though some say our current policies will bankrupt the city, I respectfully disagree. These are the same few that very demeaningly said it was a bad business decision to open a Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Atascadero — they could not have been more wrong.

Fortunately, with the leadership in our council and with an influx of young, energized entrepreneurs investing in Atascadero, that stale, cynical, viewpoint is less believable. Support Atascadero’s incumbents and you support movie theaters, successful renovations like the historic city hall and the Charles Paddock Zoo, efficient overpasses, transit centers, breweries, ciderhouses, hotels, wine/lager bars, syndicated radio shows, tasting rooms, skate parks, art studios, soonto-be even more restaurants , etc. These are all accomplishments by our business-friendly council and jazzed and energized movement happening in Atascadero.