Letters to the Editor

Uplift constituents

As the upcoming election approaches, we are increasingly exposed to the sideshow that a campaign can become.

When I saw Ms. Lynn Compton’s large signs depicting farm animals and various other nonrelevant images, I was struck by her seeming underestimation of the electorate. It is important not to confuse conservatism with a lack of intelligence or the desire to be pandered to, both of which she seems to do as she espouses simplistic, inaccurate facts about incendiary issues such as Proposition 13.

Conversely, Ms. Caren Ray, a former history teacher, continues to focus on informing and educating voters, with respect for their common sense and intelligence, as witnessed at a recent meet-and-greet for the candidate. Her breadth of knowledge with regard to local issues is impressive.

The honor of serving as an elected official should go to one who strives to uplift and maintain the best of their constituents, not prey on their worst fears.