Letters to the Editor

K-14 is for roads

There are some concerns about Grover Beach’s Measure K-14. Many people are concerned that the money from the bond will not be exclusively for street repair. There are actually two assurances that all citizens must be made aware of: First, there will be a citizens’ oversight committee. This group will be charged with the task of ensuring that all bond monies will go to residential and arterial street repairs. If this is not enough, the bond contracts are written with explicit language that requires the funds to be used on street repair.

The second big concern is that the city, in the past, has used funds from the half-cent sales tax in nonproductive ways, specifically, not using them for street repair. The difference between K-14 and the half-cent sales tax is that K-14 is specific to streets. The half-cent tax was a general obligation tax to be used at the city’s discretion. The sales tax only generates approximately $500,000 a year. If this were used exclusively on streets, we would have only paved a handful of blocks. We would not have been able to purchase upgrades to our public safety equipment.

Please support K-14.