Letters to the Editor

Stale and stagnant

With the upcoming City Council and mayoral election in Atascadero, I feel as a local businessman that Tom O’Malley, Brian Sturtevant and Heather Moreno give this community the best opportunity to thrive and prosper. Reason being they have worked hard to bring new business into the community and also improve the infrastructure. They have also been consistently focused on how to improve the city’s appeal to visitors and businesspeople.

Tom, Brian and Heather have the greater interest of Atascadero at heart, as opposed to some who may not appreciate or understand the larger picture of a community, or just have their own self-interests in mind. This is what everyone has to consider when voting for public officials: Are they running for the reason to truly serve the community, or serve their own motivations and ideals?

Another thing to remember: If a city doesn’t bring in new business and offer opportunities to its citizens, it doesn’t allow the city to thrive, but instead becomes stale and stagnant.

Food for thought.