Letters to the Editor

Won’t be fooled

I just received a flier in the mail from two challengers for seats on the Pismo Beach City Council who are making campaign promises they cannot keep. They say that they will underground all electric utilities throughout Pismo Beach using PG&E Rule 20A credits at no cost to the residents. They pretend they can wave a magic wand and make it happen, but the real world is different.

First, there are California Public Utilities Commission guidelines that must be followed that eliminate almost all residential streets. Second, it would cost around $50 million to underground the rest of the city, and there are not enough Rule 20A credits in the entire county to fund it.

As part of the Shell Beach streetscape project, the City Council has allocated $3.2 million in Rule 20A funds (with $2 million purchased from the county for a bargain price) to underground electric utilities the area. This is a responsible start to undergrounding.

I will not be fooled by the phony promises of the challengers, and I am voting for Mary Ann Reiss and Kris Vardas, who will continue to provide responsible leadership in the real world, not fantasyland.