Letters to the Editor

D clears a high bar

As a local businessperson, I place a high degree of scrutiny on any ballot initiative that impacts our taxes.

With that in mind, I have been pleasantly surprised by the high degree of financial responsibility that San Luis Coastal Unified School District has demonstrated in its approach to planning, proposing and communicating Measure D, which would raise $177 million for facilities improvements at local schools.

I have served on a business advisory board to the school district for almost a year. In that time, I have seen our district administrators perform a rigorous needs assessment of their facilities, develop a wellthought-out list of priorities and be extremely thoughtful in determining the amount of money that is being requested. I have been impressed by the professionalism of our district leadership, and also surprised by the degree of need of our high school facilities.

For me, a high bar needs to be cleared to justify any adjustment to my property taxes.

I am proud to support Measure D and am thankful that we have leaders within our school district who merit our trust in carrying out such a large, but necessary, investment in our schools.