Letters to the Editor

Myths on Measure G

I’m writing in response to the “tax treadmill” letter (Sept. 30), which was wrought with inaccuracies. First, Measure G is not a tax increase as she suggests. It would simply renew a half-percent sales tax that is already in place, one that voters overwhelmingly approved in 2006.

Second, if renewed, our sales tax rate will remain just what it is today — 8 percent — which is the same or lower than 91 percent of rates paid by all California cities.

Third, San Luis Obispo officials never promised an expiration of the tax; rather, they promised that we would have the opportunity to renew the measure after eight years.

Fourth, the projects funded by Measure Y are not random. The projects were set via a rigorous goal-setting process that is open to all residents for input.

Fifth, nearly 75 percent of this tax is paid by tourists and other people visiting the city.

It would be irresponsible for us to leave this passive income on the table. Our city is one of America’s most desirable places to live. Let’s keep it that way by giving ourselves the money necessary to maintain this quality.

Vote “yes” on Measure G!