Letters to the Editor

What a donation buys

Regarding the Oct. 9 article “In Assembly race, Achadjian outraises Harmon with help from corporate donors.”

What caught my attention was when the reporter asked a political science expert why these big businesses were contributing to the incumbent who is favored to win, he said it’s not necessarily about winning the election, but the legislation that follows.

That’s not the kind of thing I want to hear about a politician who is supposed to represent me and all his constituents, not just the big business donors.

It’s hard to know where Katcho Achadjian currently stands, since he won’t debate with Heidi Harmon. But if you want to see his scorecard from many different interest groups, you can check out Votesmart.org  .

I’ve met Heidi Harmon, who is challenging the incumbent, and had the opportunity to hear her speak. I’ve found she is smart, compassionate and hard-working. I believe she is part of the shake-up we need to send a message that elected officials need to represent the interest of all their citizens.