Letters to the Editor

Paso needs new leaders

Around Paso Robles, campaign signs have appeared like an invasion of obnoxious weeds. Hopefully, Paso Roblans will vote wisely, considering the condition of our town when casting ballots. From decaying roads and personnel issues to questionable groundwater policies, the city of Paso Robles has deficiently managed our resources.

The Riverbank neighborhood epitomizes this poor resource management. The virtual abandonment of the new Charolais trail and Larry Moore Park is appalling. Thousands and thousands of our tax dollars in mature landscaping plants have been allowed to die by the city management.

Once-beautiful trees and shrubs are now dead or dying. The drip irrigation is trash. The park is a blight to the neighborhood — except for the lawn. Ironically, the lawn at Larry Moore Park is green while the restroom is closed permanently. Children practice soccer and Little League there despite the fact that the city provides no water or restrooms.

Where do the mayor, City Council and city manager expect the children to go when nature calls? Behind a dead shrub, obviously. Visit Larry Moore Park and contrast it to the other city parks before voting, you’ll be dismayed. Please do not re-elect the incumbents.