Letters to the Editor

Part of the solution

Thank you to The Tribune for detailing the differences in the 35th Assembly District race between Heidi Harmon and Katcho Achadjian. Sadly, several groups have called for a debate, but Katcho refuses. Voters deserve a debate.

Harmon is working to be part of the solutions to climate change. She told The Tribune, “This is not a side issue. Our economy has already been negatively impacted by climate change. It impacts everything. This is clearly the issue of our time.” She knows acting on climate will be the greatest boon to our economy we have ever seen. Achadjian responded: “It’s called global warming, not California warming. Why is it our responsibility to save the world?”

This shows a complete lack of understanding of the most important issue of our time.

Harmon is concerned about many issues facing the middle class, including low wages. Achadjian, owner of three gas stations and supported by Koch Industries, opposes raising the minimum wage. He told The Tribune: “If you want to earn more money, you work hard get out of minimum wage and get an education. If the government’s going to step in, the incentive’s gone.”

These are among the many reasons I support Harmon.