Letters to the Editor

Keep teamwork intact

For quite some time I, and Atascadero News readers, have been subjected to Len Colamarino’s endless critical diatribes. Hopefully, the majority of Atascadero voters have noticed this.

He’s made it clear that he has nothing but contempt for the current council while he obfuscates the facts of his own past Planning Commission positions. His disdain and disgust are evident as he arrogantly dismisses the efforts and successes of the present council in favor of his own self-aggrandizing prophecies. His accusations against the present council for “marching in lockstep” ignore the fact that a wellpublicized open debate that reaches a common agreement is the practice of good government. If you have had the opportunity to hear Heather Moreno and Brian Sturtevant, they are humble, stress the importance of community input, and respect civil discussion and transparency.

How can Mr. Colamarino possibly work as part of a team without contentious and cantankerous behavior when that’s all that we’ve heard from him over the past year? How can the public possibly trust him to be open-minded and respectful should he be elected to the council? Please vote for Moreno and Sturtevant to maintain an effective City Council.