Letters to the Editor

Pismo has good mayor

When I first moved to California, I moved to Pismo Beach. I rented a small house overlooking the ocean. After two years, I moved to San Luis Obispo, but Pismo has always been one of my favorite places to visit.

I have always believed in positive energy and expression. In the current race for mayor of Pismo Beach, I have been reading too many negative letters against the incumbent, Shelly Higginbotham. Most of the letters bring up points that are totally irrelevant in regards to her actual performance as mayor.

One of the first people I reached out to when I thought of running for mayor of San Luis Obispo was Shelly. She is smart and steadfast in her integrity. She, along with the Pismo City Council, have done an amazing job overseeing the half-percent sales tax designed for improving city streets and infrastructure, without needing an oversight committee. In addition, this environmentally sensitive council donated $900,000 to the Pismo Preserve for every resident and visitor to enjoy.

Pismo Beach, you are very lucky to have the leadership, experience, sensitivity and determination in your mayor, Shelly Higginbotham.