Letters to the Editor

Council’s proven value

Why do liberals like Len Colamarino insist on referring to themselves as moderates?

Just what do you mean, Mr. Colamarino, when you refer to our current Atascadero City Council and say they are “implementing the party line of the private political activists to whom they owe their positions”?

Let me help you out: Those private political activists you refer to are called voters, and we elected Heather Moreno and Brian Sturtevant to our City Council because they are the right fit for our town — and by the way, just what is the “political agenda” you refer to that creates “an unfavorable image of Atascadero”?

Please tell us what kind of fairy dust you possess that will magically attract businesses to our town when you have voted against new commercial development while on the Planning Commission? The city of Atascadero has been enjoying a resurgence of commerce due mainly to the current elected council members’ pro-business ideology. Tom O’Malley, Heather Moreno and Brian Sturtevant have proven their value to our city and deserve to be re-elected. Mr. Colamarino, maybe you should move to San Luis Obispo where you’ll feel more at home.