Letters to the Editor

Ray of sunshine

Sometimes I am forced to cast my vote for the “lesser of two evils.” That is decidedly not the case this November. The candidates for District 35 state Assembly are as different as night and day! And the challenger, Heidi Harmon, is definitely the ray of sunshine!

Heidi, a first-time candidate for public office, runs her campaign on small, individual contributions from district residents and volunteer hours from her supporters. She is thoughtful and deeply committed to finding solutions to the issues we face.

First among these is global warming and climate change. Already, our district is experiencing serious environmental, social and economic impacts due to global warming. To avoid worsening economic and social impacts from droughts, fires, flooding and ocean acidification, science tells us we must transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy sources as soon as possible.

Our state Assembly district deserves leadership committed to this clean energy future. The incumbent’s record of consistently voting for the fossil fuel status quo clearly demonstrates his unwillingness to provide that leadership. We need leadership for a safer future. Vote Heidi Harmon for District 35 state Assembly.