Letters to the Editor

Promises made, kept

A recent letter opposing Measure G (“Broken promises,” Oct. 5) erroneously claims that the city broke promises about spending Measure Y money on openspace preservation. The “facts” stated are simply wrong. I should know — I was the city’s natural resources manager, before and after voters overwhelming approved Measure Y.

Before Measure Y, due to recession and state “takeaways,” the city’s openspace program was greatly reduced; the allocation in 2003-05, for example, was zero. Measure Y changed the picture completely.

Since 2007, the city has allocated more than $1.8 million for open-space preservation. These funds have leveraged about $3 million more in grants and donations. Since 2007, the funds have protected more than 1,400 acres of open land. This includes Froom Ranch, scenic hillsides above Johnson Avenue once slated for development, farmland known as “City Farm” alongside Highway 101 near Calle Joaquin, and several large agricultural conservation easements. These funds also paid to build popular trail systems at Johnson Ranch and Froom Ranch, and the trail connecting them.

Bottom line: Promises made, promises kept.

Land conservation is among the best investments a community can make in its quality of life. Continue the improvements. Vote “yes” on Measure G!