Letters to the Editor

A vote for the people

The reason the people of Pismo Beach put Measure H-14 on the ballot is because, over many objections, the city pushed development forward that would cover Price Canyon in housing tracts like Orange County.

That’s in addition to adding two convention centers, draining our current water supplies and packing our roads with more L.A.-type traffic. We need Measure H-14 to protect ourselves from this council and future councils who favor big developers over the residents.

Measure H-14 affects only Area R, in Price Canyon, which is county land that includes Spanish Springs. It has not yet been annexed. If annexed, it would be a considerable expansion of the city. At this time, the land is in the county and can remain in the county, where it is zoned for small ranchettes. Simply put: For the next 30 years, Measure H-14 will require any proposed annexation in the Price Canyon area to be accepted by a vote of the people of Pismo Beach.

Vote “yes” on H-14 and for the candidates who have helped get it passed: Marcia Guthrie and Sheila Blake for council, and Kevin Kreowski for mayor.