Letters to the Editor

Leadership and vision

I wanted to take the time to share with you my pride in Atascadero. I remember many years when our city was in discord and our City Council was filled with petty arguments and vile accusations. This has gradually changed. Our city has a harmony and beauty today that was not present in the past.

A strong leader is needed for organizational peace and harmony. We have been blessed to have had the leadership, wisdom and vision of our Mayor Tom O’Malley.

Tom O’Malley has a unique background that makes him the great leader that he is today. Tom received his degree in economics from UCSB. He understands how we must keep our city economically viable, and without this economic prosperity our city and its basic services would suffer.

Tom O’Malley had a distinguished carrier as a marriage and family therapist and administrator.

Tom O’Malley is a man of vision, a man who works hard toward his goals and hopes and vision. He has a tremendous love for our community and our citizens. His vision has brought us a beautiful downtown, a restored city hall and a user-friendly city government.

Please join me in reelecting a great man back as our mayor.