Letters to the Editor

Follow Constitution

Looks, body language, voice and hand gestures are all “eye candy” and will not tell you the ideology or local or worldviews a person possesses. When you examine candidates’ track records or life stories, you begin to see for yourself if that person aligns with your view, or, more importantly, with the Constitution and the rule of law. By definition of a liberal progressive, the Constitution is a document to be changed by “consensus” and popularity.

Create a crisis like the urgency ordinance (for the Paso Robles groundwater basin) that allowed four on our Board of Supervisors to take away our property rights because you, the sleeping public, sees the crisis, not the stealing of rights.

I say to the folks out there who believe in constitutional law and property rights of your land, body and mind, the choice is clear for Nov. 4 for supervisor. Vote for a candidate who will fight for our rights as stated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Lynn Compton is that person. We need the South County district represented by the people, for the people, not by a Sacramento appointee.