Letters to the Editor

Truth in Pismo

As a candidate for Pismo Beach City Council, I’m amazed by incumbents Shelly Higginbotham, Mary Ann Reiss and Kris Vardas’ misrepresentation of the truth regarding their votes on Spanish Springs (Price Canyon project). Their current denials that they voted for it is in complete contradiction to their June 18, 2013, votes in support of the project’s environmental impact report and General Plan amendments despite concerns with water and traffic. They backed down only when faced with an outraged citizenry armed with over a thousand signatures.

The citizen referendum and the Sierra Club litigation, in essence, saved the City Council from themselves. This is exactly the reason for Measure H-14 and why it is now on the ballot.

I would like to think that years ago, when they began their political careers, this “win at all costs” attitude was not envisioned. I wonder when it became acceptable to misrepresent themselves just to stay in office.

Honesty and integrity are the backbone of my grass-roots campaign, which The Tribune recognized in strongly endorsing me. I would consider it an honor to serve the residents of Pismo Beach with truth and sincerity.