Letters to the Editor

Harmon is a leader

Thank you for your thoughtful coverage of the 35th District California Assembly race. It was informative and lent insight to the candidates in this important local race.

Heidi Harmon offers an opportunity to activate meaningful change for our community. She presents concrete solutions to serious issues in our county and our state. Harmon proposes reasonable action to mitigate the negative impact on the environment caused by human activity. A revenue-neutral carbon fee benefits business and individuals. Creating incentives for businesses to explore alternatives to fossil fuels and to explore other solutions to climate change would boost our state’s economy and improve public health.

Her opponent questions human impact on climate change, despite the research that proves otherwise, and is quoted as saying that he doesn’t believe Californians should take responsibility to solve this problem that has already had tremendous negative consequences on citizens of his district.

While action on climate change is dominant in her campaign, Harmon has proactive solutions to a broad scope of issues including education, agriculture and the local economy. Heidi Harmon is not a single-issue candidate or career politician — she is a leader and advocate for the people of the Central Coast.