Letters to the Editor

Cuesta is important

Just sent in my ballot — and with a great deal of thought voted “yes” on Measure L.

The reason for my indecision was multifaceted but mostly rested on the fact that I cannot understand — even now — why the assets of the college (i.e., the buildings and other parts of the physical infrastructure) were not carefully repaired and maintained all along. Why were the monies for the smaller repairs not found within the budget at the time and used to fix these situations before the costs to repair grew so great and the repairs so many?

That being said, Cuesta is important to the entire community — old, young and in between — so I voted “yes” and propose that Cuesta put out a series of public notices when the money for this measure is used so we know exactly what they are being used for and when.

Do not wait — the public will be watching for updates, and I believe that this kind of disclosure will make all of us who voted “yes” glad that our votes were cast in this way.