Letters to the Editor

Keep SLO on track

Measure G opponents apparently can’t stand the idea that the city actually has to have people on a payroll in order to provide services.

But if you want more police patrols downtown and more code enforcers in the neighborhoods — which Measure G opponents themselves have demanded — it really does cost money.

The city has provided those services because the city has had the money thanks to the half-percent sales tax known as Measure Y.

But while G’s opponents have demanded the extra services, they simultaneously argue that the city hasn’t spent Measure Y money as promised and that therefore we should vote against G. If you think that is illogical, you’re right.

Here’s what does make sense: The city has spent the money based on priorities set by residents and their elected officials. Further, the city has made meaningful progress on controlling salaries and benefits.

For example, all employees have made wage and benefit concessions that total $3 million in annual savings. That, plus the nearly $7 million generated by the half-cent sales tax, is keeping the city on the right track.

Let’s keep our city going on the right track and vote yes on Measure G.