Letters to the Editor

D props up schools

As a former teacher and administrator at San Luis Obispo High School, including nine years as principal, I fully support San Luis Coastal’s Measure D and the projects outlined in the district’s Facility Master Plan. In addition to advancing teaching and learning — the highest priorities — improvements will yield added respect for our schools and our community.

San Luis Obispo High School is a community hub. It draws countless visitors from around the county and around the state. As principal, on many occasions I had to respond to questions like, “How can such a prosperous town have such an inadequate high school sports complex, no pool and no performing arts center for its students?” “Why do the counselors have to work in offices where there is no privacy and barely enough room for two people?” “Why do visitors have to walk a quarter of a mile to find an administrative office?”

Add questions about deteriorating core and elective classrooms, ancient science labs and a cramped library, and you get the picture of how others view our high school, even while admiring its accomplishments, which are myriad.

Help improve teaching and learning. Support our athletes and performing artists. Earn added respect for our community. Vote for Measure D.