Letters to the Editor

‘Yes’ on Prop. 46

Proposition 46, among other issues, intends to raise the cap on medical malpractice damages from $250,000, set in 1975, to be adjusted yearly according to inflation. The insurance industry is fighting this with more money than could ever be raised by those who support it.

Do hospitals and doctors still bill at 1975 costs? Of course they don’t. They responded to inflation and raised their rates accordingly, but they want the victims of malpractice to accept payouts that are nearly 40 years old.

Is that fair to someone who has legitimately been the victim of malpractice?

I worked in Utah, where the cap is approximately $465,000 and is adjusted to inflation. Hospitals haven’t closed, doctors have not gone out of business and insurance premiums have not skyrocketed as predicted by the insurance industry here in California.

They are not telling the truth. They expect us to pay 2014 prices to get 1975 compensation. They blame the “trial lawyers,” but it is the insurance industry that is really to blame. Vote “yes” on Proposition 46.