Letters to the Editor

Local partisanship bad

There are some who are voting for Lynn Compton simply because she is a Republican. That is understandable. Thanks to major fumbles of the current administrations in both Washington and Sacramento, many are fed up. You don’t need to look far to see the social and economic failure of government policymakers. Partisanship rules and ruins the day for both conservatives and liberals. That’s why I’m saddened to see it promoted so aggressively by the Compton campaign.

At the local level, partisanship is very destructive. Although accused by Compton, Caren Ray has never demonstrated a partisan position. Not as a supervisor, not as a council member in Arroyo Grande and not as a planning commissioner. She remains focused on finding commonsense solutions to the challenges facing the 4th District. And she’s doing a darn good job of it!

This race should be about good government. Compton and her supporters want it to be about polarization, fear and politics. The 4th District deserves better than Lynn Compton. The 4th District needs Caren Ray.