Letters to the Editor

Grandiose promises

Having been involved more in the workings and characters in the city government in 2006, when Measure Y was proposed, I doubted the grandiose promises of how the money would be spent. Especially after the first “hook” of expanded police patrols in the neighborhoods was deleted. I campaigned against and voted “no” on Y. With a combined developer and Chamber of Commerce “yes” campaign, the public fell for the deception.

Now, after mountains of proof of nonperformance and a lack of accountability records, the council and their developer/chamber political supporters attempt to deceive the public again.

In 2006, there was no mention of using Measure Y funds for a $1.2 million, 100-foot-ladder fire truck in a city with no buildings over 50 feet. No mention of downtown police patrols. No mention of a $2 million skate park, whose supporters could only raise $50,000. No mention of bike trails that go nowhere or parallel lanes already in the street.

Just look where all of the oversized signs out on Broad Street are located: These people are not interested in open space or what made San Luis Obispo a great place to live. Only your money. Vote “no” on G.