Letters to the Editor

Help local schools

I’m a fiscal conservative with an aversion to bond measures on the ballot because many are the creation of bloated, wasteful bureaucratic desires.

Measure D, the San Luis Coastal Unified School District bond measure, is an exception to the rule and worthy of support. San Luis Coastal Unified School District has been fiscally responsible; unlike most districts, it carries no bond debt on the books due to prudent financial management and budgeting.

The funds derived from Measure D are earmarked for replacing and upgrading antiquated facilities — not for salaries, pensions or personnel costs. San Luis Obispo High School has buildings in need of replacement from 1936, while Morro Bay High School is over 50 years old, with many replacement and repair needs. These facilities have served their purpose over the better part of the past century. With municipal bond rates at lifetime lows, now is the time to provide our students with the facilities that will serve them moving forward.

Please join me in voting “yes” on Measure D. The success of the children in our community depend on it.