Letters to the Editor

Maintain local control

An often-overlooked aspect of Measure G is how important it is as a means of controlling our own quality of life.

In fact, regaining some local control was a driving reason behind the San Luis Obispo City Council’s desire to establish Measure G’s predecessor, Measure Y. In the 15 years before voters overwhelmingly approved the half-percent sales tax in 2006, the city lost over $22 million to state takeaways. Because cities are required to have a balanced budget, we were forced to make many painful cuts in vital services such as street maintenance and public safety. We were losing control over our destiny.

This small half-percent tax now generates nearly $7 million annually for vital services that we control locally, control that cannot be taken away by the state.

These locally controlled funds — which the council spends only after a careful goal-setting process involving extensive input from residents — have helped us regain control in vital areas. For example, this money has so far allowed the city to add more than 1,400 acres of open space. And every dollar spent has passed a successful audit.

Measure G is an important measure of local control and a worthy investment. Please vote “yes” on G.